Thursday, September 22, 2011

Surreal Photography by Philippe Ramette

Philippe Ramette

Philippe Ramette is an artist who uses two major media to express himself: with installation and sculpture, creating impossibly surreal objects and situations often using nonsense humor, and with the turning of his own body clothed in a black suit into a surreal situation, just one component of a landscape so extravagant and visually stunning.

Philippe Ramette1
Philippe Ramette2
Philippe Ramette3
Philippe Ramette4
Philippe Ramette5
Philippe Ramette6
Philippe Ramette7
Philippe Ramette8
Philippe Ramette9
Philippe Ramette10
Philippe Ramette11
Philippe Ramette12
Philippe Ramette13
Philippe Ramette14
Philippe Ramette15
Philippe Ramette16
Philippe Ramette17
Philippe Ramette18
Philippe Ramette19
Philippe Ramette20
Philippe Ramette21
Philippe Ramette22
Philippe Ramette23
Philippe Ramette24
Philippe Ramette25
Philippe Ramette26
Philippe Ramette27

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